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Day-to-day IT support

If you’ve ever wished you could get better help with IT, you’re going to love having our IT helpdesk at your disposal. In fact ‘getting IT totally off my plate’ is the most common reason clients say they love working with Think Technology Australia.

Here’s why we make IT support something you’ll love too:

Easy, instant access to expert help

We don’t make you jump through painful hoops to get IT help. You can pick up the phone can get straight through to a technician on our dedicated support line. You can also log a call via email, on our support portal or using online chat – whatever suits you best.

98% satisfaction rating on tickets

We track each and every ticket, and we’re proud of our sky-high satisfaction rating. Getting your tech issues sorted easily and quickly is why we’re here. Our frontline technical staff are all based in Australia and pride themselves on being great communicators.

An IT ‘dream team’

We employ 10+ Microsoft Certified Professionals who keep their skills up-to-date by taking 10+ new certifications each year. That way, we stay on top of the latest in software and security.

You choose the priorities

Most IT support companies use Service Level Agreements to figure out the urgency of each ticket. But we find this doesn’t take into account individual and changing needs. We put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to what the priorities are.

Great processes and documentation

Our IT helpdesk runs like a well-oiled machine. We have the systems, processes and people to provide an enjoyable and professional experience – and one that an internal resource simply can’t compete with. Issues are documented so that next time they crop up – they can be solved instantly.

Think Technology Team

“Excellent and prompt service! I would highly recommend. I take great comfort in knowing that my technical problems can be resolved on demand.”

Principal Lawyer, Legal firm 

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