IT Security Assessments

Audit, prioritise, and mitigate business-wide security risks

Concerned about cybersecurity and risk management in your small to medium business?

It’s important to remember that no single piece of software can do all the work of protecting your systems and data.

You need to understand the ‘big picture’ vulnerabilities and risks across your tech, team, and processes so you can develop a plan to address threats and stay proactive. Businesses that complete our IT security assessments have a distinct advantage when it comes to:

  • Wisely investing in security measures, to achieve positive ROI
  • Avoiding damaging, disruptive and expensive cyber attacks
  • Remaining compliant with insurance cover and reducing premiums.

How do we perform IT security assessments?

Secure your growing business more easily with a quick and affordable audit of your current IT environment and where security needs attention. You’ll receive tailored recommendations about how to mitigate cybersecurity risks relevant to your workplace right now.

We customise our approach based on the size and complexity of your business, but typically our IT security assessment:

  • Starts with a brief conversation about your existing IT landscape and security practices
  • Includes a range of tests/exploration of your IT systems performed over 2-3 days
  • Ends with the delivery of our assessment report — a framework for tackling the IT security issues that matter most to your business.

Why choose our IT security assessment?

We address all the major types of IT security, including network security, cloud security, application security, and endpoint/IoT security. Benefits of an IT security assessments from Think Technology:

  • Guided by best practice: We use the Essential Eight Maturity Model developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre to develop our cybersecurity mitigation strategies.
  • Includes people and process insights: Many attacks arise from issues with how humans use and manage IT. Our recommendations touch on team skills, workflows, and processes, such as how you create and manage accounts and system access.
  • Backed by our expert IT capabilities: We can help you implement all or some of the recommendations we provide through advice, world-class software, training, and managed services to stay on top of your security over time.

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