Cyber Insurance Compliance

Reduce insurance costs and security risks

Cyber insurance is becoming standard for small to medium enterprises in Australia. It’s an added layer of financial protection in the event of hacking, data theft or ransomware.

The more secure your IT is, the cheaper your cyber insurance is.

It’s not a hall pass to get lax about IT security. In fact it’s a requirement. Better IT security reduces the cost of both cyber security and also recovery in the face of a cyber disaster. It also protects your company’s reputation – which can get damaged very quickly if you need to notify all clients of a data breach.

Typical cyber insurance criteria

We can help you meet requirements for cyber insurance, such as:

  • Firewalls and encryption to protect your own and customer’s data
  • Ensuring up-to date antivirus/spyware and malware software
  • Having critical systems and data information assets backed up and stored at another location?
  • Using multi-factor authentication and other measures to protect access and data

And more…

Get an independent audit

We can conduct an audit of your IT systems and data security – to help you meet cyber insurance criteria. This will identify vulnerabilities, detect potential network intrusions, and make recommendations for tightening security and reducing your cyber insurance premiums.

“The primary benefit we get from working with Think Technology is improved security. Standardisation of all hardware and software is also really important. This resolves all the issues of people doing things differently and increasing security risks.”

CEO, Not-for-profit organisation

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