IT for Medical

Boost efficiency and avoid downtime

We provide IT for medical clinics such as GPs, dentists, specialist consultants and allied health services. We understand that IT performs a critical role in maintaining an efficient clinic while also protecting patient confidentiality. Your staff are pressured already – they simply don’t have time to deal with a malfunctioning computer or printer that causes delays in patient flow and wasted appointments.

IT for Medical

What we’ll do for you

Our outsourced IT services cover the full range of IT support for small to medium NFP organisations. Here are just a few examples of how you’ll benefit from working with Think Technology Australia:

Maximum uptime

We understand you need 100% IT availability to book and consult with patients. We’ll ensure your medical clinic IT setup has redundancy in case of emergency. We have a helpdesk staffed by experts that ensures your team can get instant help when they need it.

Security and protection of patient data

We’ll help you meet privacy regulations and avoid data breaches by protecting the security of your users and data. This includes putting in security monitoring systems and also everyday tasks like keeping your software fully updated to include patches that protect against security vulnerabilities.

Specialist software

In providing IT for medical clinics, we are familiar with the specialist software and complex infrastructure required. From client management platforms, to booking systems, to patient records and x-ray imaging – we will act on your behalf to work with your vendors and ensure the correct IT infrastructure is in place and systems work seamlessly together. We’ll talk tech-to-tech to other vendors and take this hassle off your plate.

Complete IT management

Medical clinics are one of the top industries we service. We are highly experienced at meeting your industry needs – from file sharing, to cloud hosted phone systems that can record conversations, to adding failover and redundancy to your IT systems. With a team of 10+ specialists, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Efficient day-to-day IT support

Free up your team by directing all IT issues to our Australian-based IT helpdesk. There’s a good reason we enjoy a 98% satisfaction rating on tickets – our processes are professional and our staff are friendly and patient.

Efficient IT asset management

From purchasing, provisioning, using to disposal, we’ll make sure your IT assets are efficient and effective throughout their lifecycle. We have years of experience managing complex IT infrastructure for medical clinics.

“The primary benefit we get from working with Think Technology is improved security. Standardisation of all hardware and software is also really important. This resolves all the issues of people doing things differently and increasing security risks.”


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