IT for Agriculture

Keep your production line running smoothly

For agriculture businesses like food processing plants and abattoirs, a production line interruption has major financial consequences. We have extensive experience providing IT for agriculture for many different types of businesses, including chicken and egg processing, agricultural services, abattoirs, ready-to-eat food and salad processing, and more.

IT for Agriculture

What we’ll do for you

Our services cover the full range of outsourced IT services for small to medium agricultural businesses. Here are just a few examples of how you’ll benefit from working with Think Technology Australia:

Get instant tech support – anytime

Some of our agriculture clients work around the clock. They simply can’t wait if there’s a tech issue. We provide flexible options for out-of-hours support. And you’ll always have direct and instant access to our Australian-based frontline support desk – where you get to set the urgency that our team responds to an issue. We employ staff in multiple locations – including Yass, Wagga Wagga, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

We become an integrated part of your business

From feed mills to freezer technology, we get to know your production line and your business needs. That ensures we act appropriately at each and every step of your IT journey, from planning, to tech problems, to day-to-day support. It’s about having a partner who understands your industry, your business and your challenges.

Complete IT management

From software to security to phone systems, whatever your IT needs are, we are here to be your full-service IT department. With a team of 10+ certified specialists, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Ensure security and data protection

Our security solutions protect you against hacking, malware, data breaches – and downtime. Agriculture is one of the top industries we service, and we have deep understanding of security risks involved.

No surprises with fixed cost IT for agriculture

We know you need to watch your margins, so we make your IT investment fixed and predictable. Combined with no lock-in contracts, you also gain complete freedom.

Keep IT assets performing

From purchasing, provisioning, using, maintenance and disposal, we make sure your IT assets are efficient and effective. We know you don’t want to wait until equipment fails and causes outages – being proactive is key.

“The primary benefit we get from working with Think Technology is improved security. Standardisation of all hardware and software is also really important. This resolves all the issues of people doing things differently and increasing security risks.”


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