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Lose the IT headache,
gain an entire IT team.

Done for you

Because you can get further, faster with a whole IT team. For most small to medium organisations, assigning a staff member as the defacto IT person usually ends in nothing being done well – not IT, and not the person’s primary job. Even if you do hire an IT resource, it’s very difficult to find (and retain) someone who can manage everything. And they simply can’t keep up with technical certifications. That’s why it makes sense to outsource to IT specialists.

IT Support & Services

Why outsource to
Think Technology Australia?

Gain access to
10+ specialists

Draw on a powerful ‘Think Tank’ for tech issues – for everyday needs and in case of emergency. We employ a range of highly qualified Microsoft Certified Professionals who complete 10+ certifications each year.


There are good reasons that our support tickets have a 98% satisfaction rating. Our people and systems make IT easy. You’re in charge of priorities, routine tasks are automated, and your IT spend is fixed and predictable.

Get serious about

Security threats change constantly. It takes focus and dedication to ensure protection. Our systems exceed the industry standards – by a lot. We don’t take shortcuts, and protecting your reputation is our top priority.

“Fabulous to work with. Think Technology has taken the stress out of IT for us.”

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What we’ll do for you

Our services cover the full range of IT support for small to medium enterprises. Here are just a few examples of tasks we can cover for you.

Saying hello or
goodbye to staff

Getting the tech right when you’re hiring (or farewelling) staff is critical. You need to make sure your data isn’t at risk, and that the experience is smooth and professional. We use automation to ensure that on and offboarding is seamless and highly secure – and you can get it done immediately.

Get serious
about security

Organisations of all sizes are vulnerable to IT threats. Phishing, hacking, data breaches – they’re all everyday occurrences – unless you have a best-practice security solution in place. We’ll make sure you have the right security in place to protect your data, identity and devices.

Get clear about
the cloud

Whether you need to move to the cloud, or simply standardise your software – we are cloud specialists. We’ll help you streamline your software and ensure that remote working is seamless and highly secure.

Invest in

When you don’t buy computer hardware every day, it can be hard to choose the right device for the job. We are experts and work with the big names like HP and Lenovo. We can get you the best gear, and ensure you don’t have purchase regret, like ending up with a slow machine.

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