Managed Anti-Virus

Detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats

A computer virus is just like a human virus – you can have it without knowing. That’s why it’s important to have technology in place that can spot behaviour that’s out of the ordinary – and take effective action to combat the issue.

We use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for managed anti-virus.

That’s because nobody knows your Windows environment better than Microsoft. This managed anti-virus solution will detect malicious behaviour just by monitoring how your device is behaving. The clever part? It can detect a virus even if it’s brand new – just by spotting unusual or changed behaviour on your device. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a critical part of your data security solution. Its detection and response capabilities will detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats that may have made it past earlier security pillars such as email security. Along with our expert technical team, you’ll have complete anti-virus support for your IT environment – from a Microsoft Gold Partner.

What do you need to know about Defender for Endpoint?

  • It integrates with Windows to secure your devices such as workstations, laptops, servers and mobile devices
  • It’s used to protect against sophisticated security threats – like apps that might not be detected as malware, or ransomware threats
  • It’s especially good for detecting and blocking new and emerging threats
  • It allows for automatic investigation of threats and the ability to remediate complex threats in minutes
  • It’s recognised as an industry-leading anti-virus solution by the likes of Gartner and Forrester

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