Data Security

Protect your team and data

Keeping your data and online identity protected is essential. The risks and costs simply aren’t worth it. These can include data breaches, cybercrimes conducted in your name, fines and reputational damage. Our data protection and security solutions protect you from:

  • Phishing, malware and hacking
  • Unauthorised data access and data breaches
  • Employees intentionally or accidentally deleting files or emails
  • Employees visiting malicious websites
  • …and more

Managed Anti-Virus

Allows you to protect and detect against malicious activity by monitoring how your device is behaving. We use Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Email Security

Email is your first line of defence when it comes to cybersecurity. We can put in an all-round defence to protect against compromise – one that covers phishing, spoofing, malware and malicious links.

Network Security

Your network is your first line of defence. Network security ensures all traffic entering your network is filtered for malicious activity and stopped before it causes damage.

Cloud App Security

When your apps and data are in the cloud, you need cloud security in place to control access and data travel. Our cloud security solution protects against cyberthreats across all your Microsoft and third-party cloud services.

Malicious or Inappropriate Website Protection

Malicious or inappropriate website protection. We’ve all seen the phishing emails that pretend to be from a bank or shipping company. You can’t always rely on your staff to tell the difference – and that’s where website protection steps in. It will block employees from visiting malicious (or inappropriate) sites, keeping your staff secure and focused.

Cloud Solutions

“The primary benefit we get from working with Think Technology is improved security.  Standardisation of all hardware and software is also really important. This resolves all the issues of people doing things differently and increasing security risks.”

CEO, Not-for-profit organisation

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