Datto Backup

Back up critical IT infrastructure

Where you have critical IT infrastructure – servers or workstations – you need a business continuity and data recovery solution in place so that you can keep running in the face of failure. 

We recommend and use Datto Backup, which gives you a virtual copy of your critical device to use while you repair the original. This cloud backup, paired with our in-house expertise, delivers confident business recovery.  

Advantages of Datto Backup

Datto Backup gives you fast restore solutions for any situation.

Reliable data backup

Datto’s proprietary technology delivers more resilient protection and efficient storage management.

Ransomware detection

All backups are scanned for ransomware and data backup chains are resilient against ransomware attacks.

Flexible retention and restore

Your choice of data retention options, regional data centres, and the ability to recover data and business operations fast.

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