Data Backup

Get the backup you need with outsourced IT services

The challenge with data backups is that you may not know you’re not backed up until it’s too late. There might be crucial files that you only use quarterly or yearly. We offer powerful and flexible data backup solutions that seamlessly deal with these scenarios, and many more. Whether you just need to back up Microsoft Office 365 or cover multiple platforms, we can help. We can also ensure that data backup will get you back up and running in case of disasters like flood or fire – by keeping copies in the cloud.

Our data backup solutions include all the outsourced IT support you need to keep data at your fingertips – no matter what happens. If you’re not sure what you need, just contact us and we’ll work it out for you.

Microsoft 365 Backup

The standard or default backup on Microsoft 365 is 28 days. But this isn’t enough for many businesses. Get more comprehensive backup and ensure protection from accident, disaster or disgruntled employees.

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity is all about being able to keep working through a major technology interruption. We’ll work with you to put plans and redundancy in place to ensure business doesn’t grind to a halt.

Acronis Cloud Backup

This is the solution you need for data backup for multiple platforms – Acronis covers more than 20. It supports Windows and Linux servers, PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Microsoft, G Suite and more.

Datto Cloud Backup

If you have servers or workstations that are critical to your operations, Datto can provide data backup and the ability to access your data in an emergency – even if your device fails. A great option for mission-critical infrastructure.

Data Backup

“The primary benefit we get from working with Think Technology is improved security.  Standardisation of all hardware and software is also really important. This resolves all the issues of people doing things differently and increasing security risks.”

CEO, Not-for-profit organisation

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