Cloud Phone Systems

Flexible business phone systems for today’s world

The recent drive to enable remote and mobile working has highlighted a major problem for many businesses – old phone systems that can’t easily adapt. You might be struggling some of these challenges:

  • Can’t transfer between offices or to mobiles
  • Hardware that’s expensive to own, maintain and adapt
  • Need to be physically in the office to use the phone system
  • Too many disparate communications systems (PBX, fax, video conferencing)

Why move to a cloud phone system?

We supply and support cloud phone systems that overcome these issues and provide many additional benefits. Features include:

Your choice in connectivity

Use a desk phone, softphone or smart phone app – cloud phone systems are highly flexible. You can even call from a mobile and have it appear that it’s coming from the office.

Make remote working seamless

Remote staff, mobile workers and home offices can easily be included in your phone system. Connect from anywhere by plugging in a handset to power and internet and make calls.

Remote support and configuration

We manage your system features and support remotely. Additional handsets can be configured easily without the need for a technician to visit your office.

Option to integrate with Microsoft Teams

If you’re using Microsoft Teams heavily, you may want to allow staff to make and receive calls from within this environment – it’s all possible.

Standard cloud phone system features:

  • Keep your phone number
  • Call Park, Hold and Pickup
  • Call Transfer to internal and external calls
  • Extension Dialling, even across offices
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Queues
  • Music / Messages on hold
  • Voicemail to email
  • Office Hours call flows
  • Incoming Fax to Email

At Think Technology Australia we are proud to provide quality cloud phone systems backed by our own expert support team. We guarantee our service by providing our Hosted Phone Systems with no lock-in contracts.

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