Always On Video Portal

Instant communication for offices, common areas and remote workers

How do you help your team members feel connected and stay in touch – no matter their location or ability to travel? Now there’s a new way to allow spontaneous communication throughout the day. Video Window is the world’s first always-on video portal. This isn’t a solution for meeting rooms – it’s specifically designed for common areas. Take a look:

What can you do with Video Window?

Video Window can be used both in the office or by remote workers. It’s designed to give the feeling of looking through a window to your co-workers. How do you get the attention of another site? You simply tap on the screen and the other site hears a tapping noise.

You can use Video Window to:

  • Connect colleagues on different floors of the same building, working remotely or in different offices, or even different corners of the globe
  • As your ‘front desk receptionist’, used in many different organisations from architects to vets
  • Give remote employees a view of the office and the chance to have spontaneous chats
  • Collaborate on virtual white boards as if you’re sharing the same pen

Flexible technology

Your teams are only a tap away. Video Window is easy, flexible and puts users in charge of how and when they interact with the team.

  • Super simple – no scheduling, no URLs, no logins – just walk up and press a button to join the audio
  • Use on common office hardware, plus an app for Android and iOS devices
  • Perfect for use with the all-in-one MAXHUB flat panels
  • Works in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Set privacy timers, use opt-in audio and automatic audio disconnection to protect privacy
  • Leave Window mode to call an external video conferencing service

Want to talk about having an always on video portal?

We’re happy to answer any questions about Video Window. Fill in your details and we’ll be in touch straight away.