Windows 365

Stream your Windows environment to any device

Windows Cloud PC from a Gold Microsoft Partner

Windows 365 is a new solution that streams Windows to a web browser, making it accessible on any device. For example, you can log in to a Mac and access your Windows environment, including apps, content and settings. Our cloud solutions team can help assess if Windows 365 is suitable to your needs, and get it up and running quickly and securely.

Why Windows 365?

Windows 365 lets you tackle the unique challenges of remote working, with scalability, speed and security.

Support remote and distributed workforces

Windows 365 makes it easy to let employees, temporary staff and contractors work from anywhere and bring their own device.

Reduce risk

Reduce security risks by storing all information in the cloud – not on devices. It’s about a more controlled environment.

Control costs

Fixed per-user pricing makes costs more predictable, while ensuring you can scale up or down easily and quickly.

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