Keeper Password Manager

The best business password manager to protect your business

Passwords are a huge target for hackers and are one of the main ways that data breaches occur. You can’t rely on employees to use strong passwords – you need to enforce it with a business password manager that is ultra-secure, yet easy to use.

We recommend Keeper Password Manager. It:

  • Creates random, strong passwords for all employees across all websites and apps
  • Is easy to use – your employees will love it
  • Saves time and money with easy, fast setup

Why choose Keeper for your business?

Keeper is the highest-rated business password manager in the industry and is trusted by millions of business users around the world.

Highest user ratings

Keeper has the highest end-user ratings in the industry for its mobile, web and desktop apps.

Protects against ransomware attacks and common data breaches

Keeper creates random, high-strength passwords for all your websites and applications then stores them in a secure vault.

Enterprise-grade security

Including security audits and reports, role-based access, and storage of confidential information.

Private vaults for each employee

Each employee gets their own private vault to store and manage passwords, files and private client data.

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