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More and more small and medium enterprises are moving to the cloud because of the cost, flexibility and security benefits. Some of the typical drivers for cloud migration include:

  • Office servers or workstations reaching end of life and a large capital investment is needed
  • Expansion to another location
  • Wanting better ‘work from anywhere’ flexibility
  • Wanting less internal IT administration and better data security

Whether you need a full cloud migration, or just software in the cloud, we can help. Our team are specialists in both cloud computing and security, so we’ll make sure you’re productive and protected. We’ll help you choose the best cloud solutions for your business.

We are specialists in:

Microsoft 365

Your favourite productivity tools: from Teams, to Office, to Outlook, to OneDrive.

Windows 365

Access Windows – including apps and content – from any machine, anywhere in the world.

for Business

Easy, secure file sharing and workspaces to bring teams, tools and content together.

Enterprise Email
Signature Management

Make corporate email signatures a breeze by creating rules and templates for instant use.

We also supply:
Docusign & Adobe Creative Cloud

Cloud Solutions

We make it easy

We take care of all the admin, migration and security for your cloud solutions.
This includes:

you ready

We’ll assess what you have currently, and what you’ll need to move to the cloud. We take away all the unknowns, answer all your questions, and make sure you’re confident about the move.

Selecting the
right solution

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cloud solution. We take the time to understand your organisation and what you’re aiming to achieve. Then, we recommend the best technology for your individual needs.

Putting planning
in place

We plan your cloud migration project to ensure minimum disruption and maximum security – while setting expectations for all involved. We handle all cloud services: admin, installation, licensing, user management and file sharing policies.

Performing the

We understand that long disruptions or data being inaccessible simply aren’t acceptable. When it comes to the migration itself, we assemble our best techs to get it done with efficiency and precision.

Ongoing cloud

We offer robust ongoing cloud support to keep your cloud environment efficient and effective. We make sure that common actions like adding a new user are easy and instant.

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